The Gardening Revolution

Join the movement

More and more people today are demanding a change for their lawns and gardens. They still want grass that's weed-free and they don't want insects infesting their plants. But they're increasingly concerned about the risks to their family, their pets and the environment from chemical solutions with high levels of active ingredients.

We call it The Gardening Revolution and we're proud to be at the forefront of it.

For your garden: PureSpray™ GREEN Concentrate – an insecticide that's research-proven to be just as effective in controlling insects as other chemicals but, when sprayed, is virtually odourless, readily biodegradable and leaves little to no chemical residue.

For your lawn: Clear Choice* Ready-to-Use Selective Herbicide – research proven to be just as effective in controlling weeds as other chemical solutions but with our reduced active ingredient formulation. ††

We believe in what The Gardening Revolution stands for, and what it asks for. It's not a call for compromise; it's a demand for better alternatives.